Article on Climate Change Impacts and Best Practice Solutions for Water Infrastructure featured in KWQM Magazine

Isabel Kaubisch of Clarendon Hill's article on "The Non-Political Aspects of Climate Change as it may apply to Pennsylvania - Best practice solutions for adapting the water infrastructure" has been featured as the lead article in Keystone Water Quality Managers 3rd quarter edition.

As climate change impacts such as increased heavy rain events pose more challenges to the existing water infrastructure in the Northeast, new approaches can mitigate and reduce those risks. Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI) is a comprehensive approach to flood-proofing infrastructure detailed in this article. Two best practice examples from New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark show how the versatile technique can excel at reducing flooding risk while creating multiple co-benefits reaching from increased aesthetics and livability to health benefits at the same time.

Read more about "The Non-Political Aspects of Climate Change" and best practice solutions for adapting our countries water infrastructure here (Scroll down to page 17).

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