Energy Services

Clarendon Hill Consulting offers it's consulting competency for a range of renewable energy related projects with a special focus on wind and offshore wind energy projects.

Renewable Energy

Projects in the areas of wind, photovoltaics, biomass, geothermics.

Services offered for renewable energy projects include:

  • Siting and interconnection (including GIS analysis)
  • Constraints analysis
  • Environmental research and planning, i.e. Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Studies
  • Regulatory review and permitting in various U.S. states and Europe.

Offshore Wind Energy

A specific focus area of Clarendon Hill consulting, are offshore wind energy projects.

Services offered for offshore wind energy projects include:

  • Project management
  • Port infrastructure and vessel analysis
  • Transportation analysis (waterway, road, rail)
  • Deployment and installation analysis (site location, access, operators, equipment, logistical solutions etc.)
  • Regulatory review
  • Market research.

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