Clarendon Hill Consulting Service Portfolio

Clarendon Hill Consulting provides inter-disciplinary consulting services in the areas of environmental and urban planning, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our offerings encompass specialized services for a range of subjects as well as general project management.

A detailed description of Clarendon Hill Consulting's service portfolio can be found below.

Energy Services

Clarendon Hill Consulting offers it's consulting competency for a range of renewable energy related projects with a special focus on wind and offshore wind energy projects.

Renewable Energy

Projects in the areas of wind, photovoltaics, biomass, geothermics.

Services offered for renewable energy projects include:

Offshore Wind Energy

A specific focus area of Clarendon Hill consulting, are offshore wind energy projects.

Services offered for offshore wind energy projects include:

Environmental, Regional and Urban Planning

Clarendon Hill Consulting offers services around Environmental, Regional and Urban Planning projects.

Services offered include:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

Clarendon Hill Consulting's GIS services include:

Our various GIS analysis' entail:

Permitting and Regulatory Review

Clarendon Hill Consulting supports clients with Permitting and Regulatory Review for their projects in the United States and Europe, especially Germany.

The services include:

Project Management Services

Our work on any type of project starts with listening and developing a general understanding of our client’s needs.

We thrive to turn around projects within the allocated schedule and budget whilst taking the utmost care of the details of the scope of work and giving necessary guidance to our team members. Our thoroughly structured approach encompasses on-going effective communication on all levels. This allows us to quickly react to any type of potential changes and to successfully execute projects of any size of task orders, budget and amount of team members. We use up-to date software for reporting, scheduling and controlling of costs.

Clarendon Hill Consulting is known for their thorough organization and scheduling, knowledgeable analysis and their quick turnaround of high quality work products. We are working with multiple private companies and agencies including MassGIS and MassDOT along with various municipalities.

Public Outreach, Public Relation and Proposal Support

Clarendon Hill Consulting offers services for Public Outreach, Public Relation and Proposal Support.

Asking the right questions and engaging stakeholders early in the process is key to the success of any project. We thrive to create meaningful conversations with the involved parties from the conception of a project idea to its realization.


Our services include:

Risk Assessment

Socio-Economic Analysis

Clarendon Hill Consulting offers Socio-Economic Analysis services.

The services offered include: