North-East Coast Port Infrastructure Analysis

This fall Clarendon Hill Consulting presented findings of their US North-East Coast port infrastructure analysis at New England’s Arc Users Conference and at the AWEA Offshore Wind Power Conference.

The current port infrastructure analysis screened more than ten ports on the US North-East Coast that could be used by the shipping industry and might be able to serve as staging ports for wind energy areas in Rhode Island and Massachusetts including the Cape Wind and Block Island offshore wind projects. As such ports in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey were screened for their navigational access requirements as well as their berthing capacities along with other criteria pertinent to efficient storage and assembly of large and sensitive components. Port upgrades which are currently under-way at several ports to meet the requirements of the larger, wider and deeper post-panamax vessels were considered as well.

Each of the screened ports was matched against the dimensions of 45 offshore wind jack-up vessels. Thereby it could be shown which ports could be used by which vessels and what potential upgrades would have to be undertaken to make the ports more suitable.

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A poster with several findings from the study was on display at the AWEA Offshore Wind Conference in Providence , RI and can be accessed here:

ChillCons-AWEA-Offshore-2013-NorthEastCoastPorts.pdf1.07 MB

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